How to maintain your sanity amid the spring activity rush

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Two things tend to happen in spring: beautiful wildflowers pop up everywhere, and weekends get jam-packed with outdoor activities. Everyone wants to have their functions in the pleasant spring weather, so as soon as the summer heat kicks in, we can all stay indoors where the air-conditioning feels oh-so-good.

This unfortunately results in lots of scheduling conflicts and stressed-out people. Especially when the activities are special, once-a-year events, that we, of course, don’t want to miss out on. When EVERY Saturday brings another all-day event, that makes it much harder to get things done. If you have ever postponed your spring cleaning, backyard barbecues, home improvement projects, and other big to-do’s for weeks on end, you know what I mean. And then there is the dilemma of two conflicting events, where you have to either figure out how to attend both, or choose one over the other.

So, with a maxed out schedule and rushing from one event to the next, how can we maintain our sanity and still enjoy the nice weather and fun activities? By implementing good habits such as these to optimize our mental, physical, and emotional well-being:

  • Get to bed on time, and get plenty of sleep. Think you don’t have time to sleep, that you have too much to do? Just remember that your lack of sleep tonight will hinder your ability to get things done tomorrow, not to mention you’ll be too tired to enjoy those fun activities. The consequences of sleep deprivation are numerous and affect every area of your life, as explained in this article on WebMD.
  • Pray every night before bed. I say this as a Christian, but it can apply to other faiths as well. When I’m stressed and feeling as though there aren’t enough hours in the day, and even when I’m not, it helps to have an honest chat with God. Once I get everything off my chest, I put my trust in Him, and can sleep well knowing that He is in control. It is also good to pray for those less fortunate, and for family, friends, and neighbors, remembering that they too have struggles.
  • Get up on time, so you can start the day unrushed. I know it’s tempting to push the snooze button, or lay in bed listening to your favorite radio station’s morning show, but it’s no fun when you suddenly realize that 3o minutes have gone by, which you could’ve spent doing something productive.
  • This goes without saying: eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise. Trust me, it will do you a world of good: more energy, less sick days, ability to keep up with your kids/pets/other hyperactive people in your life, feeling better both mentally and physically, and the list goes on…
  • If you find yourself fretting about your to-do list while attending an event, give yourself permission to stop worrying, and instead focus on enjoying yourself and making memories. A few years down the road, you won’t remember what was on your to-do list, but you will remember the great times you had with family and friends.
  • Finally, to combat spring-activity-induced stress, try a relaxing ritual such as yoga, meditation, a bubble bath, or an at-home spa treatment. More relaxation techniques on WebMD

What do you do to stay sane amid the chaos of life? Share your spring survival strategies in the comments!

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