5 Truths to Help You Reach Your Goals

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Do you desire to conquer your fears, break down the brick walls holding you back, and reach out to claim the prize of a hard-won victory? Reaching goals is hard, HARD WORK! It is so easy give up, but if you have immense desire to reach your goals, then let nothing stand in your way!

In my recent soul-searching, I’ve discovered several misconceptions and mental blocks that were preventing me from pursuing my own dreams. Here are the five truths that I found:

1. Write them down! Sit down and brainstorm the tasks/steps you’ll have to take to achieve success. Use whichever format is most appropriate for you: make a list, write the tasks in a calendar or planner, make a chart or graph, or write a statement of intent. The point is to put your goals on paper, and create a road map that will help you reach them.

2. Be accountable. Give yourself an ultimatum: if you haven’t achieved your objective by a certain date, you will punish yourself (perhaps by taking something away or forcing yourself to do something you hate). If you do achieve your objective, have a pre-determined reward for a job well done.  This technique works doubly well if you recruit a friend or family member to administer punishment/rewards, so you can’t back out at the last minute. By rewarding yourself even for small victories, you will stay motivated to keep taking steps towards your goal.

3. Get rid of pre-conceived limits on what you can or can’t do. This was a big problem for me; I unwittingly allowed myself to think that my dreams are unreachable, that I can’t break through the proverbial brick wall. Enough! Don’t let yourself be discouraged by negative thoughts; focus on the prize and on completing the steps that lie between you and it, and don’t get sidetracked by the “I can’t’s”. YES YOU CAN!

4. Visualize taking the steps that lead to success. It’s great to imagine being successful: getting a graduate degree, buying your first home, being a millionaire, winning a gold medal, and so on, but it is much better to imagine the path that you’ll need to take to get there. As I said before, reaching goals is HARD WORK, so envision yourself tackling those difficult, long, or uncomfortable tasks. That way, when you come to a tough spot, you’ll already be mentally prepared to power through it!

5. Don’t let your fears get in the way of following your dreams. This is another truth that I didn’t grasp until recently; it was easy to think “what if I can’t” and let that mindset ruin my motivation. For example, if your dream is to spend a few years living abroad, but you’re afraid you can’t learn a new language, or that you’ll miss your home country too much, or that you won’t be able to make friends in the new country, you pretty much have subconsciously determined that your dream will never become a reality. So stop worrying, and focus on getting there. You won’t know what’s possible if you never try, and you may even discover that you can be fluent in another language, fall in love with a different culture, and make lifelong friends in the process.

These five concepts have been, and still are, a great help to me. I sincerely hope they will help you too! Reach for the stars!

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