Build up your business, Part 2: Enhance your brand

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Hopefully you’ve developed your plan as discussed in Part 1, and you’re now ready to move on to Part 2!

Build up your business, Part 2: Enhance your brand

Your brand represents the soul of your business. To win over new customers and keep current ones coming back, your brand should communicate to them what makes your business so special. Take time to think about:

1. What makes your business unique? What do offer that your competitors do not? What are the most important qualities or values your company provides (e.g., custom-made products, excellent customer service, affordable luxury, etc.)?
2. How do these unique qualities fit together in your business? What are the essential traits that set your business apart from the competition?  Try to sum up the mission, heart, and soul of your company in just a few words.

Once you have identified the qualities that make your business special, take a good look at your brand. It appears in your storefront, billboard ad, website, business card, and pretty much everything that has your business name and logo on it. Does it represent the true heart and soul of your company, or is it completely off track? A great way to test this is to show your promotional materials to a few people who are unfamiliar with your company, then have them fill out a questionnaire to gauge their reaction to your brand.

Here are a few questions to ask:
Can you sum up the mission of this company in three words?
What do you think makes this company unique?
When you look at the (logo, business card, brochure, etc.), what is your first impression?

The answers they provide can help you know what improvement, if any, is needed to make your brand an accurate and alluring reflection of your business.

Need help taking your brand to the next level? I can work with you to create a memorable brand, including logos and identity, print collateral, and websites. Contact me for more information!

→Stay tuned for Part 3: Marketing Strategically, coming next week!

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