Attract New Customers with Visual Appeal

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The human eye is naturally drawn to aesthetically pleasing content, so if you want to attract new customers to your business, your best bet is to appeal to their sense of sight. Think about your own experiences walking down the street, shopping in a store, or browsing the magazine rack: which signs, storefronts, product labels, and magazine covers do you gravitate toward? More than likely you are drawn to the most visually appealing ones.

In a nutshell, visual appeal draws the customer in and peaks their curiosity, making them want to know more. At that point, they will read the content, learn about your business/product/service, and, if you offer something they need or want, become your next new customer. Without that visual appeal, a person could pass right on by and never know your business exists.

Here are examples of how visual appeal works in specific marketing materials:

  • Logos: Your logo is your identity. It needs to be attractive and successfully convey the nature of your business, thereby capturing attention and telling people at-a-glance what makes your business unique.
  • Business cards: You give one to nearly everyone you meet, and you hope they at least keep it, or better yet – use it to refer new customers to you. So naturally you want a card that will provide information about your business in a visually appealing way, so the recipient will want to keep it and share it with others.
  • Brochures: A great-looking brochure will not only entice people to read it, but will also present the information in a way that is easy on the eyes, thus making it super-easy for them to learn about the products/services you offer.
  • Postcards/Mailers: The recipients of your mailings could simply throw them away without opening, unless you draw them in with a beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing exterior that will make them want to open it.
  • Coupons/Loyalty Cards: These should be attractive and well-made, so your customers will come back to use them, and your new customers will be persuaded to try your business for the first time. TIP: a flimsy slip of paper won’t last long in the average purse or wallet, whereas a more substantial card will keep the customer coming back time after time.
  • Websites: Your web presence can be a great source of information about your business, but in order to attract new customers, it must be visually appealing and easily navigable as well. If your prospective customers are turned off and/or frustrated by your website, they may just leave and go to your competitors’ website.

What should you take away from all this? When planning your marketing, remember to see your promotional efforts from the customers’ point of view. Will their attention be captured long enough to see what your business offers? If you have questions or need assistance in creating your marketing materials, I am happy to help!

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