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In my last post, one of the tips I mentioned was to pass out your business card every chance you get, and make sure that it leaves a lasting impression on the recipient. So today, using my own business card as an example, I’m going to show you how such a card is designed. Think of it as a glimpse into my thought process…

I began by drawing some gem-related shapes; these could become the shape of the card itself, or a shape within the card.

After experimenting with different layouts using each of the shapes, I chose this one, which business card rough sketchuses the diamond shape to frame the different elements:

Don’t you just love my drawing skills? Good thing I’m a designer and not a sketch artist! Okay, moving on…

I put the pencil down in favor of my computer mouse to create a much more refined draft, which turned out like this:

business card first draftIt looks nice, but it’s too top heavy; my logo takes up too much space, and my name, website, and contact info is crammed down at the bottom. Overall I just wasn’t feeling it…

After some thought and a few more drafts, I arrived at a much better layout. In this version, information is distributed evenly, and I even found space for my title next to my card final draft

Now, onto the printing…

I wanted my card to be a feast for the eyes, with raised printing and silver foil on the diamond. However, I had to adjust my plans a bit due to those limitations of those techniques. I chose instead to have a glossy, double-sided card, using silver ink on the diamond in place of foil. In the process of making these adjustments, I added color to each of the four corners, and created the design for the back of the card which features my Etsy card - both sides

The finished card has a glossy coating which catches light, showing off the bright colors and silver ink.

business card

business card with reflectionAnd that is how a great business card is created! Come on now, surely you didn’t think great cards made themselves?

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